I got handed a fun one that I am thinking on best way to handle.  Management is wanting either a list or more ideally a dashboard we can go to that will show what all apps are impacted if a server is rebooted.  Example we have many shared SQL servers that host databases for multiple apps so management would like a way to look and see if we take server sql1 down for maintenance what all apps will be impacted.  My first thought would be using VADA somehow but management does not now server names.

Rick Bywalski answered
    • VADA is almost perfect for this - You don't need to know server names to discover apps, or at least, you don't need to know all of the servers. In an upcoming release, they have talked about component level discovery - being able to see what SQL instances/databases are connected to which IIS application pools (rather than servers to servers). Perhaps this will solve your needs?