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Current Version: 1

Release Date: 18th September 2015

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What now?

If you are using Squared Up < 2.11.11 then you'll need to manually import the dashboard via the server



This dashboard is based on the input of OpsLogix and the input they received from Oracle Administrators about the information they want to see in a dashboard.

This dashboard shows:

Instance Status
Instance Backup State
Instance Performance: Active Users
Instance Alerts (new)
Instance Performance: Memory – Buffer hit ratio %
Instance Performance: Memory – SQL cache hit ratio
Instance Performance: Memory – Total PGA in use (MB)
Instance Performance: Memory – free memory large pool (MB)
Instance Performance: Memory – Free memory shared pool (MB)
Tablespaces – Table Space used (MB)
Table Space State
TableSpaces – Table Space free (MB)
TableSpaces – Table Space Temp Free (MB)
TableSpaces – Avg Datafile I/O Read time (Max)

If you need the KPI plugin please contact Support

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Originally authored by: Arjan Vroege


Management Packs

  • OpsLogix IMP - Oracle Management Pack for OM2012 - This intelligent management pack delivers Oracle 10g and 11g monitoring.

Squared Up Plugins

No plugin information available, this dashboard may have been exported with an older version of Squared Up.



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Category: Version 2 Dashboards

Release Date: 18th September 2015

Last Updated: 1st May 2018

Current Version: 1


  • Squared Up

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