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A community-contributed resource that provides detailed answers to questions about Azure Monitor, SCOM and related technologies.

How does it work?

Wait! This isn’t like a normal forum. This site is designed to quickly find awesome answers for specific questions.

Good answers are voted up by the rest of the community and rise to the top.
The best answers appear first so that they are easy to find..

The question author can ‘select’ one answer.
But… selecting doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best answer it just means that it worked for them.


What can I ask?

You should try to focus on an actual problem and wherever possible, include details about what you’ve tried and the end result you’re trying to achieve.

Avoid chat and boilerplate pleasantries (hi guys, I’m new here etc) – dive straight into the question. No one will be offended!

The general rule is to avoid asking questions that are opinion-based, or that are likely to generate discussion. Ask a question that someone will be able to give a specific, definitive answer to.

Your question may be edited by moderators to make it even better. Again, don’t be offended, this is to make the question as useful as possible to others. And remember, the better the question, the more likely it is to get a great answer.

Ask about…

  • SCOM – installation, administration, threshold tuning, management packs etc.
  • OMS
  • Related technologies
Don’t ask about…

  • Questions you haven’t tried to find an answer for
  • Product or service recommendations or comparisons
  • Lists, polls, opinions, discussions etc.
  • Anything not related to the world of Microsoft IT monitoring

What is tagging?

When writing a question, you’ll be asked to add some tags. You should try to add at least two tags but feel free to add several, since a question might be related to several topics. Clicking any tag will bring up a list of related questions which could be helpful if you’re looking for something specific.


Ready to earn some reputation?

You’ll earn reputation for nearly every action here: voting, answering or commenting. In future, you’ll unlock new privileges such as moderation tools and even be considered for Community Moderator status and become part of the team who help keep the site focused and delivering great answers.


Let’s go!

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