Adjusting size of sections is not always possible

I want to build a dashboard with a grid of status section that gives me a quick overview of the health of some services. In the screenshot I created six status sections in a row and I later want to add more rows.

Since these section are now all in different widths, I want to adjust this. However, this is not always possible. I can make same sections smaller but then I cannot make others larger. So I end up with a very unaligned dashboard like this:

And because it breaks the “Active Directory” in two lines, the rows of this grid are not in a line any more. When I try to make the first row wider, moving the slider icon to the right does not work.

This this a bug? Or do I have to use a specific browser? Or is there a better way to build such a overview grid?



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If you have specific objects that you are trying to display, it would be worth you using the Visio tile and creating an SVG for this purpose. It’ll come out much nicer and is easy to manage.

Whilst the following article is for v2, it applies for v3 too ?

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You could switch into the JSON editor and set the widths manually, but you’ll need to make sure they all add up to 100 (they’re percentages of the full page). Click the </> icon when in edit mode to access the editor.

Next, you’ll want to find the width properties for each of the columns, and tweak them as required.

Notably, with 6 columns they’ll all going to be pretty narrow. You might want to consider having two rows of three or an alternative layout.


	"_type": "layout/column",
	"columns": [
			"width": 70,
			"contents": [

Thanks, for pointing in this direction.

Thank you, that works nicely.

You’re welcome :slight_smile: