Alert email for specific alert

I would like to setup an alert subscription to send an email for one specific alert from a specific group of computers


I want an email to go out when any of a specific group of servers throws the “failed to connect to computer” alert

The Monitor you are looking for is called “Computer Not Reachable”. You can create a subscription and choose “Created by a specific rule or monitor” and then also choose the group that contains the servers using “raised by any instance in a specific group”.

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For this you will want to create a group and put the computers you want to target in the newly created group. When you are creating your subscription you can then select "raised by any instance in a specified group" and "created by specific rules or monitors" and then select your newly created group and select the desired rule(s)/monitor(s). Clicking on the blue "specific" links at the bottom will allow you to choose the desired group and rule(s)/monitor(s).

I hope this helps!


Sometimes it can be difficult to find the specific rule that you want to subscribe/notify on. What I find handy in that case is to find an example of the alert in monitoring, either open or closed. Right click on it and create the notification from there. Remember that the alert might be specific to a version of the OS, and you might need to expand the specific rule part to include other versions of the OS.


This is sound advice, especially with the various OS’s that have this monitor.

this was very helpful

Thanks that helps big time