Alert history in server view

Is it possible to have an overview of all alerts (including closed) per server?
Ideally the closed alerts are visible in the server view, probably with a open/closed toggle.
Or is there another good solution?

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On the latest version of the alert plugin / product, this is a toggleable filter, as seen in the image.

However, if you are on an earlier version of the product you can put this into the criteria section of your scope, to find open and closed alerts.
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If you haven’t seen this article yet you might find it helpful;

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Version 3 of Squared Up allows you to run a parameterized SQL query from a perspective. If you create a SQL query that searches for alerts related to the computer object, specifying {{displayName}} in the query, you can create this once for an object and it’ll display on all objects of that class.

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Thanks for this information.

We have too many alerts in our environment to find the alerts for a specific server.

Is there a way too select a specific server on the alert view?

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You can use the scope to search for alerts on a specific server If you use the list feature. Did you want to combine the open / closed alerts for specific servers? If so you will need to upgrade to the latest version to get the new filter option for this.