Can we pull particular application level system resources utlization


We have few issues with an application, so we would like to pull system resources like CPU, Memory, Disk utilization report specifically for that application level from last 1 month.

Can we get this kind of performance report either by SCOM or SquaredUp.?


From the application processes not from servers.

If they are already monitored, then you just need to scope a performance tile to the object and metric. Create a new dashboard and tile, select Performance and your visualization.

Search for your object:


Then choose your metric:


Provided the metric is the same, you can include multiple objects in List scope (or use a group, should you have one), to include on one tile. If not, you’ll need to create a separate tile for each.

From the servers or from the processes running the application? Easiest way must be to group the servers running the application and report from that

Are you monitoring these metrics specifically for the processes? Default SCOM will give you the CPU/Memory/Disk a whole for the server, but will not monitor specific process utilization. If you haven’t configured this already, then the data will not be available.

Yes, we are looking metrics specifically for a process. We have already monitoring the server using SCOM all we need is required now is CPU/Memory/Disk usage specific for a processes.