Can we pull the list of Dashboards that are present in our SquaredUp setup


We have a requirement like to prepare an inventory of dashboards to segregate at team levels and to fine tune by removing unwanted dashboards.

So how to pull the list of all dashboards that are present in my SquaredUp environment having version 3.3.5 and also we have 2.3.9


For version 2, dashboards are stored here:

In version 3, dashboards are stored here:
Dashboard usage is not tracked by Squared Up. This would need to be evaluated manually (asking team members etc.)

In our case all are published dashboards which are using for regular reporting purpose basis.

Here you go with screenshot dashboards which are not present in the dashboards folder, thee are only likewise we have other dashboards too.

Also we see many other xml files in the dashboards folder which are not a dashboard in real in SquaredUp console, this point confused.

Besides above is it possible to get the below information at individual dashboard level:

  1. Creator/Author
  2. Creation Date
  3. Last Update Date
  4. Last Access Date
  5. Published as OpenAccess?



I had a check and validated C:\inetpub\wwwroot\squaredupv3\User\Packages\Everyone\Dashboards folder doesn’t have all dashboards instead few are missing which i can see in console.
Can you please help me with the other way to fetch the information.
In other way can we script/query to pull all the dashboards from its DB that are showing up in console to avoid discrepancy.

Any dashboards that are contained in Community packs are contained in their respective folders. i.e. Web Availability will be in …\packages\webavailability\Dashboards - All published dashboards are saved in the Everyone pack. If it’s perspectives that you are after, they are in the pack\perspectives. If I’ve missed anything, please let me know an example and I’ll assist :slight_smile:

Hi Jelly,
I have attached few screenshots on the missing part ans also added few specific points, can u please help on that

It’s possible that the dashboard titles have changed. The URL should have the file name, whereas the navigation will have the updated name - Can you confirm this by clicking one of the dashboards you’ve shown, looking in the address bar, then correlating to disk? This is getting a little complex, and although I’m happy to help, it may be worth raising this with Support :slight_smile: