Change Default Timeframe

Does anyone know how to make the default time frame on dashboards anything other than 12 hours? I want my dashboards to default to 24 hours, and then let users choose a new timeframe.

Hello Darren,

I don’t think you can change the default scope to 24 hours upon starting a new dashboard. However yourself and the customer should be able to change the scope in the top right hand corner; the time frame scale caries from last 1 hourAll.

Also some tiles have custom time frames which can use the page scope time frame, or one specific to that tile. An example of that would be the SLA tile.



Hope this helps,


Thanks. I wanted to avoid the custom time frames as I want the user to have the ability to select their own, however the same dashboard will be displayed on a big screen, so we cant change the timeframe on that (no keyboard). I wanted to avoid maintaining two dashboards.

There may be something in the json for this. Sometimes there’s little nuggets that haven’t been exposed in the UI - Perhaps drop support a message and then feedback to us here if there is?

Oh I see what you mean now, might be worth logging a call with support as a feature addition.

Thinking of it now it would actually be quite handy to have a default time frame preset…

will do. Cheers

SquaredUp Support responded there is no ability, but they have logged it for the Development team to review.