Creating network device dashboard with Solarwinds data in SCOM

are you able to get to the performance data on a drilldown view in Squared Up? or is the performance data simply not showing up at all?

I clicked on “view performance” and I only get the graph for node status. There are no other metrics/graphs listed. However in the SCOM console for that same object I can graph other metrics such as “PercentLoss”, “CPULoad”, etc.

Also, when trying to see what object classes are listed, I see “SolarWinds.Orion.SCOM.BaseNode”, not SCOM.Node

Hitting the down arrow only gives me “SolarWinds.Orion.SCOM.Node - Status” which is what I see when I click on “view performance”.

Rich, thx for looking into this! I have gone ahead and submitted a support ticket to SolarWinds asking them to fix this in the next iteration of their MP. I would urge other SolarWinds customers on here to do the same so that it gets the proper visibility.

You can access the SolarWinds customer support portal via this link if you have a customer support account:

Yes, my ticket number is:

Case # 975420 - SolarWinds Management Pack for SCOM incorrectly stores data in SCOM data warehouse.

I didn’t see a case category for the SCOM MP so I categorized it simply as an NPM issue.

I will contact Solarwinds and report this problem as well.

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Ugh…having some problems with SolarWinds tech support to get this problem resolved. Their technician is sticking to his troubleshooting script and asking me to run diagnostics on SolarWinds and upload SolarWind log files…none of which has anything to do with SCOM or how their MP stores performance data in the SCOM data warehouse.

How are the rest of you getting along with your cases that you have submitted?

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Thought this community MP re. Solarwinds might potentially be of interest to you guys -

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Hmm…I had opened a case on as well a couple of years ago and didn’t get anywhere. I happened to be speaking with Cameron Fuller last year about this and he said that SolarWind’s MP was actually partially based on an MP he had written for them several years ago, so my gut feeling is that no one at SolarWinds knows anything about this MP. This was something they created several years ago and basically haven’t looked at since so I don’t harbor much hope in them ever correcting this problem.