Dashboard for servers at a specific % Logical Disk Spce

I need to create a Dashboard for when our servers reach a specific level of free space (30%) as an early warning to the capacity management team before our alerting reports it at 15%

does anyone have an ideas on how to do this… so far i can only create ones within the performance tile showing all disk spaces.




I don’t believe that you can set a performance tile to only show a specific threshold. However you can edit the JSON to have the object display in a different color when it is at a specific threshold.

“display”: {
“range”: “percentage”,
“label”: “custom”,
“customLabel”: “{{#each values}}<span {{#if value > 0.01}}style=“color:red”{{/if}}>{{key.counter}}[{{key.instance}} ] — {{key.managedEntityPath.split(’.’)[0]}}</span>{{/each}}”

My thought would be to try and create a dynamic group in SCOM that populates when the disk hits your threshold then just add that group to a dashboard so that theoretically they pop into the dashboard as they are added to the group. I have some dynamic groups that are populating from SQL queries so it might be possible that way.