Dashboard Samples

I was curious if there is anywhere that dashboards/designs are publicly shared.

I often struggle with starting a new dashboard, but love looking at existing examples of things others have done. Google has not been the most helpful when it comes to discovering good ideas.

I know squaredUp has their dashboard contests, so I assume something must exist.

I am most interested in Azure dashboards.


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Hi @kolbasz

Welcome to the community! :star_struck:

Yes absolutely we have two things for you a Dashboard Gallery where you can view some of the competition entries plus lots more and a GitHub Samples repository where you can grab the JSON for some of them and lots of other goodies too!

Please check them out and let us know what you think since this is a relatively new initiative for SquaredUp.


this is a good start, I will look into the git pages and see how I get on.

When displaying performance metrics, whats better, the data squared up can pull from Azure on its own or a perf log analytics query?

I as because if the data is already there and accessible, what is the gain from incurring costs in logging to log analytics and querying via kusto? or is it more about real time vs historic (log analytics)?

Hey Kolbasz

That is one difference between metrics and logs. The other major difference is that metric only stores numerical values while in logs you can store variety of data including numerical, textual (event logs) etc.

Hope that helps