Display how system specs

I have had an ask to display the specs for the systems in a dashboard and am trying to figure out how to accomplish this. Mainly Number of CPU, Amount of RAM are the big ones we already have the Drive sizes in a matrix tile.

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I have this JSON in a matrix for number of CPUS:

“_type”: “celltile/text”,
“config”: {
“display”: {
“contentTemplate”: “{{properties.logicalProcessors}}”
“title”: “#CPUs

I haven’t been able to get allocated memory in a matrix yet but would love to hear if anyone has.

Found and answer for the memory. Used a powershell script to query wmi and then saved that into a SCOM task. Then used a scom task tile to display the information returned from it.

It would be a nice feature if you could walk up and down the hosting stack and display properties of different objects.