Displaying effective monitoring configuration

There’s a blog post at https://squaredup.com/blog/what-is-scom-monitoring-on-my-server/ that says SquaredUp can show a report of all the rules and monitors configured for the server. The video in the post is dead, so I can’t see what this looks like.


I installed a trial of SquaredUp on my test SCOM environment, but I can’t figure out where this functionality is and how to view the report. Can somebody point me in the right direction?

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Unfortunately that blog post is from a few years ago and refers to a previous version of the product. The latest release (Squared Up 3.0) no longer includes that feature because Microsoft now provide standard PowerShell cmdlets that provide the same output.

Here’s the standard cmdlet: Export-SCOMEffectiveMonitoringConfiguration

There are a number of community solutions that build on that cmdlet, for example:



But perhaps others in the community know of other solutions out there?