Drive Space Dashboard

I am building a dashboard to show which servers are running critically low on space I am using the blocks one as this will be intended for a wall monitor. I am scoping it to healthstate=3 and health state=2

The problem I have is there are a few servers that I have put in overrides in SCOM due to issues where they have some non system drives that are always running low on drive space. How do I get these to not show up on this dashboard everything I have tried so far has not worked. The alerts are not showing up in the SCOM console only in the Dashboard.

You could try creating a group that holds ALL drives and then exclude the drives that you do not want to see. Just scope your tile to that group.

Figured it out had to redo one of the over rides and the other had a corrupt client on it had to remove it and reinstall it.

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Can you update the question with some screenshots of what you’re seeing? Should help us figure it out :slight_smile: