Erro getting performance data from the server

access-denied-user: Login failed for user ‘DOMAIN\PC1$’. How can i fix this issue ?

I think you might have to grant SQL permissions to the app pool account as described in this SquaredUp help article: Troubleshooting the Data Warehouse connection – SquaredUp Support

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Thanks for the reply , I’m actually new into this. I have read the document but still no luck. Can you please point me into the right direction …

From the error you’re getting, I would guess that the SquaredUp app pool is running as the NetworkService account (it shows up as ServerName$ in the error you posted). If the person who installed SquaredUp isn’t a SQL admin then the permissions have to be configured manually: open SQL Management Studio, connect to the SQL instance that hosts the SCOM Data Warehouse database and create a new login for this account in the form domain\squaredupservername$. You then need to give that user you just created the OpsMgrReader role on the data warehouse database. SquaredUp should then be able to read Perf data from this database. This article has the relevant steps for SQL Management Studio: Manually creating the Data Warehouse permissions – SquaredUp Support . If you run into issues I would just email [email protected] as they should be able to walk you through it if you need any help.

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Actually manually tried to redo the permission fixed this issue. This was the command-
squaredup4 permissions --user=“networkservice”
Thanks for the support.