How do I strip some text from a mustasch value in a Row Link?

I have a Task Grid tile where I'm presenting KBUpdates (its from the Data on Demand MP).

Trying to create a Row Link to Microsofts info page, for exmple

As you can see I need to strip out “KB” from the kb article value to get it to work. Cant figure out how to strip from the mustach-syntax. Tried looking at the help but no luck.

Any suggestions?


You can use the js substring method:

Something like this should work:{{kbArticle.substring(2)}}

I think the error was due to the space in the mustache

The support solved it for me, by adding “this”.{{this[“kb Article”].substring(2)}}

The this keyword refers to the current instance of the class/object/variable depending on the context it is used in.
Generally, it is a scope of the current object in your example it is the returned variable from SQL.

Not getting that far. As soon as I add a property with the mustasch picker I get an syntax error:
Expected closing delimiter ‘}}’ after reference at line 1 character 46:{{kb Article}}

Here is the whole link:{{kb Article}}

No mather what I do I cant get it to work.

Updated my answer - Let me know if this helps!

Sad to say it doesn’t work. However, it does work when you do this in the columns section.

But in the rowlink it doesn’t work. Like you say, it doesn’t seem to handle space. Seems like I need to drop a case to support.

I think that’s the best bet - They’re quick to respond and should be able to assist :slight_smile: Apologies I couldn’t help you here!

No problem, thanks for the effort :slight_smile: