How to Export a dashboard from v3.1.11

I am trying to export several dashboards that were created in our Production environment so I can put them in our Testing environment. With v2 I just had to press the Export button, but that does not exist in v3. Help!

check the “dashboard packs” section in the settings. There you are able to export your own dashboard packs.

Thanks, I had already found that. The problem is that there are a lot of custom dashboards and I am only looking for a select few. When you export a person’s dashboards, there are unique identifiers for each of the dashboard, which don’t allow me to identify what dashboard it is. I tried importing one individual’s and then deleting the unwanted dashboards, but sometimes the delete works, and some times it doesn’t. I am on the current version v3.1.11, which is supposed to fix the delete issue, but does not seem to.

So I guess you are saying that I can’t selectively export dashboards?


Try to copy the json code!


Then create a new dashboard and insert the code from your old dashboard.

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