How to search for specific object?

I’m trying to search for an DA that has a short name. In this case it’s “SMS”. I have a DA named “SMS”, also lots and lots of objects with SMS as part of the name. Search returns the other objects, but not the DA. I can’t filter it down any more in the search, such as using more characters, since there are none.

So if I want to scope a perspective to the “SMS” DA, I can’t as it does not appear in the first 8 entries in the search box.

Anyone got any ideas on how to get the search to be more specific?

To get to my DA I had to create a view of all DA’s to be able to drill down to the one I wanted.

After tinkering over last few hours, the only way I can see is to rename the DA to something unique. Link the perspectives, then rename the DA back again.

A bit of a workaround, but open to any other ideas :slight_smile:


So I made myself laugh a bit with this:

Search for the object twice. Here I search for the Operations Manager Management Group DA, by typing Operations Manager Management Group Operations Manager Management Group


Where the DA essentially becomes a class of its own, the DA will display as the same class as its name. Hopefully, even with your objects with SMS in the name, few will have it twice ?

Other options:

  1. Open the DA from the inbuilt dashboard for Distributed Applications
  2. Create a status tile with advanced scope, using Service as the class and DisplayName LIKE ‘SMS’ as the criteria
  3. Send a request into Support to see if there’s anything they can suggest!
The limit on search results is pretty annoying at times ?

A creative solution! - but no go on my end. SMS SMS just returns the same results as SMS :frowning:

Dang, so close. I’ve updated my answer above :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’m just running with the rename-name option on the DA for time being :slight_smile: