Incorrect results for server details in Properties section in Monitored Entity

I am getting incorrect values for IP Address, activeDirectorySite, hostServerName for a few Monitored Entities.

Have tried get-scomclassinstance -name “” | fl *

as suggested by SquaredUp support and get the same wrong values which shows that it is a SCOM problem.

I don’t understand how it shows the wrong IP for example when it has never been in that range or domain.

If I go onto the server itself it has the correct IP address.

Has anyone got any ideas where I can find and correct the data that is wrong?

Thanks in advance,


Does re-running the discovery of these properties change anything?

The discovery that finds these properties is: Discover Windows Computer Properties - You can find this in the authoring workspace > Management Pack Objects > Object Discoveries


You can get the object ID using this:

Get-SCOMClass -Name Microsoft.Windows.Computer | Get-SCOMClassInstance | where { $_.DisplayName -eq '' } | fl *

Had this issue on a few machines. Fixed by:

  • stop monitoring service on the affected server
  • deleted health state folder
  • started monitoring service
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Apologies for delay in getting back to this and thanks very much for the answers.

I will try as soon as I am able and get back.



Hi Ian,


if you installed the agent on the default path I am referring to this folder:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent\Health Service State

Just stop the Monitoring servce and delete the entire folder. After you start the service, the agent will pull all the management packs from the scom server and the folder will appear. - Safe procedure.


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Hi Ruben,
Thanks for your answer.
Have looked at this and have found the folder Program Files\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent\Health Service State. This contains 15 sub-folders including Health Service Store, Cabinets and Resources (with numerous sub-folders containing dll’s). Is the the folder which you are referring to to delete or is there another actually called Health State.

Hi Ruben,

Thanks for your reply. I have tried this and it still comes back with the same incorrect values. It shows the AD Site wrongly but under Parents on the Monitored entity page it shows correctly.

However, I found that under Children on the Monitored Entity page the Health Service shows as Maintenance mode although the server itself is not in Maintenance mode. I clicked on Health Service and then Disable and then went back the original page and now the details are correct.

So my problem is in part resolved but now I need to know why was Maintenance mode (which was set to expire many months ago) still in place on the Health Service but not showing as in Maintenance for the server?