Integration with WebAPIs

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I have recently managed to integrate some ServiceNow statistics and tables into our SquaredUp environment using the WebAPI tile integration. Has anyone managed to integrate Splunk or any other tools using the WebAPI plug in? I would like to get some ideas of what else we can integrate. Thanks :slight_smile:


We experimented integrating with Citrix Netscaler load balancers. Got it to work, however the way our netscalers are set up, I coudn’t get the metrics I was looking for. :frowning: I’ll revisit it soon.

I’m thinking about looking at some of our telephony or firewall devices to see what’s achievable and useful. Maybe something along those lines you could do?


Yep, we have splunk, elastic search, twilio, Jamf pro (mac managment sw) and a few custom in house developed API’s. ITSM, CMDB etc.

An example from our Apple team. scom data, antivirus, jamf etc in the same dashboard


Was going to say wasn’t ‘official’ Splunk integration recently announced??

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Guys this is awesome. Would love to get Cherwell, Cisco UCS, Jamf , Palo Alto , and others into Sup. I found Jaspers Netscaler article which is great. if anyone could share service config and documentation information for anything that’d be awesome.



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Ehrnst, how did you get the Splunk dashboard to show like that within SquaredUp?? We got the splunk web tile to work, but that’s not nearly as useful as what you have there.

Victor, I don’t remember exactly, but I believe it’s a report created in Splunk, embedded in SQUP web tile.

Hey Tom, here’s a couple of other things off the top of my head that I know our customers have successfully integrated with using WebAPI; Cisco Prime, Twilio, ElasticSearch, VMTurbo, Netscaler (see, Veeam Availability Console (

That is AWESOME!!

I believe they have some official information around splunk, but it isnt as seemless like OMS. (ie you will have to use the web api plugin)

Recording of technical webinar on Splunk integration now available here -

Webinar: Web API and integration with ServiceNow - ( ) and How to integrate Squared Up and ServiceNow ( )

Would you be willing to share the api calls that you constructed for Jamf? We are looking to do a similar integration with SCOM and this dashboard is great!

David. Pretty easy setup. IE: count of macs comes from https://url/jssresource/computers
We also have a few tiles with data from /advancedComputerSearches/id/

Just found this: