Is it possible to target a task to a single object and not to a class?

I want to build a custom task which is only targeted to one of my management servers. But at the Target property i have to select a class. Do i really need to create a class which contains just one static server?


<Task ID=“Test.Task” Accessibility=“Public” Enabled=“true” Target="???" Timeout=“300” Remotable=“true”>

According to my research more or less correct.

Agent tasks: … run on the agent computer where the target object is managed
Console tasks: … The target for the task could be a class based on Windows Computer Role representing the application installation on the server.


In my opinion it is quiet ok that you need to choose a class for a target. That concept is very flexible.

Let me know if you need some support for creating classes.

Oh, perhaps you can find also some idea here:

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If its just one server and you need to create a custom class ,you could simply create a dummy registry value on the server in question and base your discovery on your custom class for that.



Thanks for your reply Ruben. The agent type I have to use is the agent task because the task has to run on the agent side. But the main question was about the target. I will try to build the task targeting to a class with just one server object included.