JSON - Two different values

Hello Gents,

I have question regarding JSON and squaredup. I’m not expert in JSON so I wanted to ask you guys. I have following code.

	"_type": "tile/visio",
	"config": {
		"context": {},
		"source": {
			"scope": {
				"objectIds": [
		"display": {
			"behavior": "health-state-icons",
			"iconpositiony": "middle",
			"iconpositionx": "center",
			"iconsize": 11,
			"path": "/res/af16428f-1833-4b94-bd02-40d87e927b4e/KOC-2021033108465875579.svg",
			"colormatch": ""
	"description": "",
	"title": ""

I need ID “b39a6c55-1b05-b9c9-b916-87e2231b2f68” to have different “display” parameters than others .Is this possible in JSON?

Thank you,


I’m afraid you may have to elaborate a little. What do you mean by different display parameters?


Once again, I’m no expert in JSON. Basically what I need is different parametrs for some of IDs in code.

Let say ID “b39a6c55-1b05-b9c9-b916-87e2231b2f68” would have parameter display like this
“display”: {
“behavior”: “health-state-icons”,
“iconpositiony”: “middle”,
“iconpositionx”: “center”,
“iconsize”: 11,
And for example ID “3ee26ca1-f29c-fb9e-bf2c-91ae654772ec” would have display like this
“display”: {
“behavior”: “health-state-colour-replace”,
“iconpositiony”: “”,
“iconpositionx”: “”,
“iconsize”: “”,