Monitoring Integration Engines

Hi there,

Is anyone monitoring integration engines (JCAPS, Mule, Mirth) using SCOM? These are a critical part of our applications and ideally we want some scom data on message queues so we can incorporate into Dashboards and Enterprise Applications.



Hi Nicole,

I don’t have experience with those engines. But first I would check if their vendor provides a Management Pack.

If not, perhaps it would be sufficient to use SCOM’s toolbelt. For instance, monitor CPU and RAM utilization via Performance rules. Use Service Monitors to check if theirs are running.For the message queues you would need to know where those are located. If these are just folders in the filesystem you can use the file-count MP which is available in the MP Catalog. If these applications have a web-frontend you can use web-application-availability or web-application-transaction-monitor. You could use Script monitors if those applications provide an COM / Win32 API or PowerShell if those have .net APIs.

Alternatively, you could get in touch with Nice! or Opslogix. These are small companies which can help you to write a Management Pack for an effortable price. Those will then work nicely in Dashboards for sure and you have support, too :wink:

Last option, you can also write a Management Pack yourself. But it takes a bunch of learning and time.

Hope this helps



I second Ruben’s post, with an added link to the (free) PowerShell MP: