Oracle Enterprise Manager connector

Has anyone use the Oracle Enterprise Manager SCOM connector?


Wondering what kind of experience you had with it and what useful dashboards you could create with it.


I installed and tested this connector in 2016. It was a bit of a challenge, but might be worth doing it again.

Here some details I remember from the last tests:

In 2016 the Management Connector was not supported on SCOM 2016 or newer and did not have the possibility to sync detailed objects (like tablespaces) into SCOM. It was useful syncing alerts into SCOM, using the SCOM SDK service. The connector had no high availability option. If the management server with the connector was done, no alerts would arrive. Besides, it seemed to me that the collector is not maintained and developed by Oracle, but a third party. It might be worth checking if this third party is still around and/or how support is provided ?

Disclosure: I am working for NiCE ;). The above is my personal opinion.

Seeing that their online demo video is showing the SCOM console running on Windows XP. I would not find it hard to believe that this has not been maintained.