SCOM 2019 vs Current Branch

Maybe I am not the only one getting a little confused by the naming conventions for SCOM now. I have been maintaining current branch for SCOM 2016 1807 at Ignite they announced SCOM 2018 and 1901 so what is the difference between them? Do I have to go to 2019 to use 1901 or it just then next build in current branch? If I just install 1901 assuming that is possible do I lose anything over installing 2019?

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Hi / Cześć

I guess this could answer your question. SCOM 2019 and 1901 will be paired to have same options, but then as now - 2019 will be having Update Rollups every 3 months like now, but 1901 will have semi-annual release with new features which 2019 won’t have. But you know - they can change versioning again later on so who cares :smiley:

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2019 is LTSC with all updates from 1801, 1807 and 1901 and 1901 will be current-branch going with semi-annual release.

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I found this on a tweet from Ignite:

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Hey all,

Squared Up’s page on ‘What’s new in SCOM 2019?’ does a good job of answering this.

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In the past it could be that there were in 1 year time 4 to 5 update rollups, that we had
to install and could cause a possible downtime of the ‘console’.
Now we know for shure every 10 months, i must update and have only 1 possible downtime.

New features are quicker introduced in current brach maybe not always that propperly tested
in larger environments,… In 1801/1807 the webconsole was much better than 2016 that
also made us change, next to the advicory of an MS PFE.

So if I am understanding correctly 2019 is a LTSB with out updates and 1901 will be the current branch.

So wanting to keep current and have latest updated I probably should not install 2019 and just install 1901 update.

If you have now 1807 - yes :slight_smile:

That’s perfect. Thanks Scott.