Shared Session State Server fails

Trying to impliment a HA solution, and stick sessions is not an option. As such I’ve setup a session state server and have tried to point the squaredup iis application to that. The problem is when I do that it breaks squaredup. I change it back to “In Process” and it comes back to life.

  1. Set machine key to be the same on both servers instead of auto generation.
  2. On a seperate server enabled the "ASP.NET State Service" to autostart and started the service
  3. On the same seperate server changed the registry key value that's needed from 0 to 1 and I can see it now listening on the port listed in the regitry key (netstat -a)
  4. Set the Session State to "Session Server" and pointed it to the session server mentioned above by IP and Port.
Is there something I'm missing?

Sticky sessions is the supported way of implementing HA with Squared Up. The Squared Up architecture does not support Shared Session State.

In the case of Forms Authentication the session state contains data that is specific to the server where logon occurred, so cannot be shared across multiple servers.

However, using Windows Authentication you may be able to load balance across web servers without sticky sessions (the machine key would need to match across servers, as you have configured already).

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