Short(netBIOS) name in a matrix tile

I have already asked support this question, but I thought I would ask the community as well.

I realize that the Matrix tile currently does not have a custom label option, but you can use:


“config”: {
“display”: {
“labelTemplate”: “{{properties.netbiosComputerName}}”

to display the short (netBIOS) name in a Matrix tile. This however introduces another problem. If the Matrix tile contains an mix of Windows and Xplat machines, the name in the status column for the xplat machines is completely removed.

Is there a way to display only the host name with a mix of Windows\Xplat machines in a Matrix tile


I would try to add a condition into the mustache. With it, it should be possible to check if the property contains an value or not.

Here is some help that I received a while ago:

Please let us know if it works :slight_smile:

From support:

“Unfortunately the Matrix Tile does not currently have a Custom Label option like other tiles but a Custom Label can still be achieved by making a change to the JSON under the Columns > Custom options.”

Unfortunately there are no common properties between the two machine types that have only the short name

Internal linking is broken :frowning: On the Community Answers home page, search for “Custom Label” - Plenty of advice there and I believe the first solved link is the one that Ruben was pointing towards -