Using PagerTree for alerting

Has anyone done anything with connecting SCOM and PagerTree for sending out alerts? If anyone has attempted this I would love to hear how you did it and how it went.


But, Made great experience with Sysman. 8 Years without issues. Effortable and not relying on an internet connection.

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I haven’t used PagerTree, but use (an Irish service) with success.

The procedure is (after subscribing to the service of course)

Create a specific channel for the txts - containing just the $Alert name and $ ManagedEntityDisplayName. This is to limit the amount of text sent to one txt message (160 characters).

Add the relevant phone numbers in the Subscribers - (the delivery address is <phonenumber@sms.<service> (in essence it is going as an email to the service provider))

Create the subscriptions you wish to send to this channel, including time restrictions etc.

We are using it to send URGENT alerts outside of office hours.

So, email is sent by scom to service provider. Provider interprets the email, contstructs an SMS txt from it and texts it on to the relevant phone number.

Thanks for sharing Ervia.

Sysman is a bit similar with the big difference that it works in combination with a GSM modem.

We will get wake-up-calls and SMS even if the internet connection is down :wink:

Technically it requires and agent and some cmd command. - All very basic, but is works nicely.