Will v2 dashboards work in v3?

I am currently trialing Squared Up and would like to know will v2 dashboards work in v3?

They will not work by default but you can convert them to the new version using the conversion tool.

Instructions are included in the download, squaredup in their awesomeness has made it pretty easy to do. I am testing V3 at the moment as well and just did this conversion the other day.


Squared Up provides a migration tool to allow you to convert any of our existing V2 dashboards for use with V3.

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although it doesn’t seem to work very well.

@Chris - have you had a specific issue? It might be worth reaching out to support if that’s the case.

Thanks Chris

I found that I had to edit some of the components as they appeared to be a static picture after conversion.

As we didn’t have many, and they weren’t too complex, I found it easier to run the v3 installation alongside v2 and replicate the dashboards.