I realise there is no way to group status tile by a custom field in the UI, but I was hoping I could achieve this in the script itself.

This particular one is for web availability monitoring.  Default looks like this:

{{ “_type”: “tile/status”, “config”: { “context”: {}, “source”: { “scope”: { “groupId”: “b4db2dc3-eacb-3815-1c82-9d4736d4b0df”, “classId”: “8e5cb3e8-3a88-4301-a703-553772fe72dd”, “criteria”: “” }, “extendedProperties”: true, “alerts”: true }, “display”: { “label”: “custom”, “sublabel”: “healthstatesummary”, “group”: { “property”: “healthState”, “order”: “desc” }, “customLabel”: “{{properties.context}}” } }, “title”: “”, “description”: “”}


I was hoping I could set like this:

“group”: { “group”: { “property”: “{{properties.context}}”, “order”: “desc” },

But it doesn’t work.


Anyone know if I can achieve what I’m trying to do..?



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