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Short of duplicating the perspective, is there a way to link a perspective to multiple objects?

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    • I dont now if I am misunderstanding your question but you can target the perspective on a group instead of an object? https://squaredup.com/blog/building-amazing-sla-availability-dashboards/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XdtXCFXfgv0
    • Hi. I probably worded it badly. 🙂 I'm linking to a group already. However I want a DA to link to the same perspective. (the group contains computer objects. The DA contains related web tests).
    • I have not testet this but you can make a new SCOM group and make the group you have targeted the perspective to a member of the group and also have the DA be a member of that group and then target the perspective to the new group?
    • Probably wouldn't work in my scenario. The net result is I have two dashboards for "servers" and "applications". The applications dashboards contains DA's and Servers dashboards contains Groups. Since I want a comprehensive overview of each application, I have no idea which tile users will click on if something goes red. If they click on the DA, I want to show all the perspectives. Same if they click on the Group. I can't tile up a group that has a… Continue reading