How to use perspectives on multiple objects?

Quick question -

Short of duplicating the perspective, is there a way to link a perspective to multiple objects?

Duplicating is the only way I’m afraid. Perhaps dropping support a feature request is an option. Might be worth using the phrase “Complex scope”

I dont now if I am misunderstanding your question but you can target the perspective on a group instead of an object?

Hi. I probably worded it badly. :slight_smile: I’m linking to a group already. However I want a DA to link to the same perspective. (the group contains computer objects. The DA contains related web tests).

I have not testet this but you can make a new SCOM group and make the group you have targeted the perspective to a member of the group and also have the DA be a member of that group and then target the perspective to the new group?

Probably wouldn’t work in my scenario. The net result is I have two dashboards for “servers” and “applications”. The applications dashboards contains DA’s and Servers
dashboards contains Groups. Since I want a comprehensive overview of each application, I have no idea which tile users will click on if something goes red. If they click on the DA, I want to show all the perspectives. Same if they click on the Group.

I can’t tile up a group that has a nested group and DA, as it doesnt reflect the individual state (ie one could be green and one could be red)

“complex scope” sounds like it could be a secret squirrel spy code word :slight_smile:

Hah - I know right :wink: But the idea being that you can use list scope, rather than just “object” - there are caveats, like knowing that you can only add metrics for that particular object etc. Not sure it’s entirely possible, but it’s worth asking the question.

hmm looks like you can’t duplicate. I tried to clone the perspective, but when I use Group, it won’t return results. I’m guessing pretty much copy/paste the json?

Ah, hang on. The scope on most tiles will change… Where you probably say “this object” or “children” on the DA, most of the scoping will not apply on the new perspective… I fear I’ve lead you down a rabbit hole. Copying to json is fine, but you’ll need to replace the match section in the json. Then it’ll be a case of fixing the scoping of the tiles.