I have a script that runs that generates an html file and drops it in a share.  Then I have Squared Up pulling that file up in a dashboard.  The odd thing is I have the height slider all of the way to the right but it cuts off about 3/4 of the way.  It’s a Citrix health script so it’s pretty big.  However, if I click on the report in the dashboard it’ll open it in a new window and display the entire thing.   Anyone know a trick to getting this to show in its entirety on the original page?

Also, I was thinking of using the Powershell MP to run this script automatically as opposed to a scheduled task.  Does anyone also know if I went this route if you can have the HTML output automatically be displayed in a dashboard or would it be a 2 step process with the MP being used and then Squared Up pulling the web content from the generated file as I’m doing now?

As always, thanks.


Rick Bywalski answered