4.5 and OpenAccess with DarkTheme

Anyone seen an issue where after enabling dark theme on 4.5, your open access dashboards will either show light theme only or go from dark to light to dark and then back to light on the auto refreshes?

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Yup, I had this myself - Known bug I’m afraid :frowning:

Drop Support a line and they’ll add you to the bug, notifying you when it’s fixed. They are aiming to fix it for GA in the next week or so.

I am trying to get more answers from support but they told me that the next release they are going to default to light theme for OpenAccess to fix the theme flip\flop issue. So it sounds like they are taking away dark theme for open access until a later date. What is odd is that I don’t see this at all in my nonprod env (we have a full license for prod and nonprod). If I stop the app pool and delete the local cache, that fixed some of the dashboads. Wonder if there is a way to only force dark theme for open access via a config file or something.

So confirmed that they will force OpenAccess to light theme in 4.5 GA until they can figure out the issues with dark theme and OpenAccess.

I was able to get my dashboards to flip back to dark by turning it back to light and then back to dark. We will see how long that lasts.

So checking my nonprod, we don’t have any issues with open access and dark theme. The only differences is the amount of people hitting open access and prod has more open access dashboards. We might cleanup our open access list to see if that helps.

Hi! When you are authenticated to SquaredUp and then open an Open Access Dashboard, you get your DarkTheme. However, if you close the tab/window with the authenticated session, O.A. dashboards loads in default, white theme. So there is probably some settings in the user profiles in SquaredUp, that gives us the DarkTheme.

O.A. dash dont use any personal profiles, sooo… Yeah!


Greetings from Oslo!

Interesting, I thought the Dark Theme is global but I guess the part of where that is put in the profile the O.A. is not reading correctly from.

Just tried this out and yep if I use open access on my session it is dark theme but a non authenticated session gets light theme.

I noticed that if I add “?theme=darktheme” to the end of the open access url, the borders is dark theme but not the content. Trying to figure out if there is some sort of work around.