> 90% Utilization of Memory

Looking to do a dashboard that only shows alert if memory utilization > 90%. SCOM currently has a different metric it is alerting on, is there a way in Squared up to take the metric Memory - Percent Used, and do a where > 90%?

Thank you.

Lets be really clear here Squared Up is nothing more than an HTML5 front end to SCOM. Squared Up does not measure the metric only present it. You would need to create a group for the servers you want to alert at the new thresh hold do an override to that group so that the health state changes. Then you could do a dashboard to only present the servers in that group with the bad health state. Look in the advanced scope settings and you will see a group there and criteria in the criteria you can filter on health state.

When I am training my internal people on the use of Squared Up one thing in my powerpoint is a slide that says what can Squared Up monitor? The answer is nothing the question should be what can SCOM monitor and Square Up just presents it to the user.


If you have found a way to alert on percent memory used I would love to know about it the only thing I have found is the rule for it that does not include alerting. For now I am having to alert on less that a specific amount of free memory.

Just to be clear. You have a dashboard where you see alerts from a metric like for example “number of connections to IIS”. But you only want to see those alerts if the server also has over 90% memory usage?

Hey Rick, I"m using this one for percent usage. http://blog.scomskills.com/monitor-percent-memory-used-on-windows/ its great :slight_smile: