Account Balance disappeared on Squareup DAshboard

Squareup deactivated my account,hold my account fund of $1,455.88 for 180 days and there after for another 60days.Two weeks or so before the second 60days hold.I checked my account and I saw that I can get $500.00 from my account balance fund through instant transfer.I linked my debit card and it was successfully linked.Then I made attempt to get the $500.00.To my surprise both the $500.00 and my actual Account funds balance disappeared on my account.Its 5days now I didnt get the $500.00 on my debit card and my account fund balance is not showing on my account again and this fund,I did not receive it on my linked bank account too.I have messaged Squareup on this issue but they are not replying me and I have called their 1-855-700-6000 customer rep number to see if I can speak with someone about it but I could not get their rep to talk to.Community members please,I really need help on resolving this issues.

Hi Daniel

I believe you are looking for Square Up, the credit card processing company:

You are on the Community Answers page of SquaredUp, a company that specialises in dashboards and data visualisation for Enterprise IT.

Hope this helps!


@Travis ,what you said is of no help.Sorry!

As @Travis said. You are in the wrong community: