Active Director Maintenance Mode Wish

Found one thing that I find a little annoying about AD and Maintenance mode. If I put a specific AD server in Maintenance mode because I know there is a planned outage for its location it would be nice if other DC’s did not start generating SCOM Alerts for replication failures with it. Has anyone found a work around for that yet?

We have solved another AD-problem by grouping maintenance mode in script.

For example:

We put server01 in MM, we add a part of group policy on all machines in maintenance mode due to the fact that they gave an error when they tried to contact the domain controller that was down. You could add the object for replication monitoring to that script.

Do i understand you right, that if you put a domain controller into MM you get replication failures from other DC‘s?

This is strange because the SCOM MM is just for supressing alerts due the system or object is placed into MM.

This have normally no impact to the behaviour of the DC. So replication issues should not caused by the MM.

I think you mean that the alerts are triggred by the other DC´s while the DC which is in MM is rebooted. As far as I know there no smart way to get rid of these kind of expected alerts.

But I am interessted if someone have a cool solution for that problem.

Here are parts of our script:
$dnsobjectvar = Get-SCOMclass | where-object {$ -eq ‘Microsoft.Windows.DNSServer.Library.Zone’}
$dnsobjectclassvar = Get-SCOMClassInstance -class $dnsobjectvar
Start-SCOMMaintenanceMode -instance $dnsobjectclassvar -endtime ((get-date).addminutes(90)) -comment “Windows updates” -reason “plannedother”

$gpoobjectvar = Get-SCOMClass | where-object {$ -eq ‘Microsoft.Windows.grouppolicy.library.client’}
$gpoobjectclassvar = Get-SCOMClassInstance -class $gpoobjectvar
Start-SCOMMaintenanceMode -instance $gpoobjectclassvar -endtime ((get-date).addminutes(90)) -comment “Windows updates” -reason “plannedother”