Active Directory Certificate Services MP not working 1.0-134

Morning, just installed 30 day trial of Squaredup in my lab this morning, nice interface, useful info, still browsing through all the info!

Imported above referenced community MP waited 5 minutes or so but when I launch it from under Teams, all I get are error msgs.

Appreciate you r assistance, pointers.


Hey Tony

This error is because the MPs that monitor the objects on these dashboards are not imported into your SCOM environment.

For this one, I believe it’s the AD Certificate monitoring MP (

For Certificate monitoring you should look at the PKI Certificate Mangement Pack

Its a community Management Pack that works very well. We have been running it for years in both SCOM 2012R2 and now SCOM 1807. It works really good

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Morning and thanks! Don’t I feel like the bonehead. For some reason I thought this was not dependent on having previously imported the underlying MS Mgmt Pack into SCOM. I was actually looking for something that would discover and provide info on certificates status across the environment.

Time to rethink things I suppose.

Thank you for the response!


Hey Tony - At its core, Squared Up access the SCOM data to pull this information. It does not have any of its own databases or the like, so it’s reliant on the data being collected by SCOM. If you want to know more about it, I suggest speaking to sales/support - They have a really great customer service and they can also demo the product and answer any questions you may have :slight_smile: You may also be interested in the Windows Admin Center extension, which puts Squared Up into this tool, allowing management and monitoring in one application (still reliant on SCOM for the monitoring data, WAC provides the management). More info:

It is great - You can create a dashboard using the properties that will only show certs that are due to expire in 30 days. - This was for version 3 of SQUP, but using the Matrix tile in v4 makes for a much nicer view.

It is a great pack. I have a good dashboard I ran at my last job based on it. I brought the JSON code with me to my new job and will stand it up quickly here as well. There was a great dashboard for it in Squared Up 2.0 which when we converted to 3.0 I manually rebuilt it using same values. I will get it working in 4.0 as we bring it online here at my new place.