Active Sessions Metric is not available for few servers


We tried configuring the Active Session metric for one of the Windows 2012 R2 server and getting the below error.

However the same metric we have already configured for other server where its OS is also Windows 2012 R2 server.

Also we tried to in different ways like creating a group and selecting the same in scope and also tried with single server as a scope but no luck…

There’s a KB article on this error:

Hello Jelly,

I see below are the causes from the provided link, but we would like to validate the point 1 and 2 and need help on the same:

  1. No data is being collected.
  2. The SCOM collection rule is saving data to the Operations Manager database, but not to the Data Warehouse database.
  3. For the chosen timeframe there is no data.
  4. For the chosen scope and metric there is no data.
  5. The group specified contains only subgroups and you have not specified, or have removed, the class.