Add a simple drilldown to cloud state blocks

I’ve been working on adding an easy way to drill down from a state block in SquaredUp Cloud to a separate dashboard, and after a couple revisions I think I’ve found a pretty easy way I wanted to share quick.

1. Get your state tiles created

This works with any data source or data stream, for the example I added an AWS data source and listed three of my lambda functions, but it will work with anything.

2. Make dashboards with the same name as the tile, these can be in any workspace

3. Connect them with SQL Analytics

Enable SQL Analytics and in the second dataset pick the SquaredUp Data Source and the Properties Data Stream.

On the objects page select the Dashboard type and enable Dynamic selection to include all your dashboards. It should look similar to what I’ve got below.

Now in SQL all you have to do is join the two tables on their name columns and then concatenate a new URL for your drilldown.

If you’d like to use the names stateBlocks and dashboards for your two datasets the SQL script below should be almost ready to use

SELECT  stateBlocks.[],
        '' + ifNull(dashboards.sourceId,'') [drilldownLink]
FROM stateBlocks 
left join dashboards
on stateBlocks.[] =
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