Add IntervalSeconds Element to Script Based Monitor via MP Author

I’ve created a Powershell Script Based Monitor using Silect MP Author so that I will be able to schedule their runtime (e.g. Every Day – Sun – Thu).

Problem is,
That I also need the availability to adjust the interval time (e.g. Every 30 Seconds).

And for some reason, this is not a valid option to combine in the MP Author Wizard.
You can only choose from the 3 following options:

  1. None
  2. Daily
  3. Periodic

Does somebody know what is the Interval Time configured if the Daily option is been chosen?

While examining the XML file MP Author has created,
I can see that when choosing the Daily options, the following elements have been created:


    <OverrideableParameter ID="TimeoutSeconds" Selector="$Config/TimeoutSeconds$" ParameterType="int" />
    <OverrideableParameter ID="DaysOfWeekMask" Selector="$Config/DaysOfWeekMask$" ParameterType="int" />
    <OverrideableParameter ID="StartTime" Selector="$Config/StartTime$" ParameterType="string" />
    <OverrideableParameter ID="EndTime" Selector="$Config/EndTime$" ParameterType="string" />
  <ModuleImplementation Isolation="Any">
        <DataSource ID="Scheduler" TypeID="System!System.Scheduler">
            <ExcludeDates />

Can I just add New Element:

<OverrideableParameter ID="IntervalSeconds" Selector="$Config/IntervalSeconds$" ParameterType="int" />

And a New line in the Scheduler: tag for the IntervalSeconds Value?:


Hi Ohad,

Could you please show the <Configuration>…</Configuration> block as well?