Add object attributes to dashboard

Is it possible to add object attributes in this dashboard. along with nosiest object data?

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We have set a custom attribute which populates or translates into server/object owner,

We get to see this property, when selecting a server/object in squared up and at the bottom of the page under Properties, all details are shown like Principal Name, DNS name, Logical Processors and etc.

For me this dashboard will be very helpful, if I can shown the above data alongside the server owner (which as explained is a attribute stored in SCOM against each Server)


Object Name: Alert Name: Object Owner

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This will require updating the underlying SQL query to pull that information in. The trouble is, you’ll likely have to do some joins, as the properties for the object that generated the alert, will not be in the same table.

Perhaps some of the SQL guru’s will be able to assist you further.

Can you expand on the requirement? I believe you’re looking for objectPath or some other attribute to more easily determine which component/server the listed object is on. Let me know if this is accurate.

Thanks for the added info, which class do you have the custom ‘Object Owner’ attribute defined in within SCOM?

Sorry for the delayed response, not sure on the class it is attribute which reads data based on registry entries on the server. Let me know if I was not clear and you need any additional information.