Add SCOM management group to agent during build process

Rather than SCOM pushing agents, we want to bake the 2016 agent into the server image, and then have the MGMT group assigned during deployment (ideally, via PowerShell). Is there a cmdlet for this?

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This can be done via command line when doing the agent install

Have a look here

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You can chose either to do AD integration config so agents will find the management servers themselves, or manual agent deployment (

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I used Martin Erhnst’s script for this before and it worked fine: .

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I was told by Microsoft that AD integration was on the way out. It was a feature that they probably will skip in coming versions.
The way to go was to assign via the installation command line.
What are you guys using?

AD assignment has always been a tricky beast to tame and several out there believe it to be a bit of a security hole/configuration nightmare. I think Hansolo is after a SCCM task sequence style baked agent. In which case, there are several examples out there of this being done.

Do you have any dsc systems implemented? We deploy agents during installation and configure them later (as needed via chef and/or configmgr) Admin moved this to a comment

I have used the AD integration before as is was pretty low maintenance. Though now I prefer to do deployments from SCOM, as you will need to upgrade the agent often as new UR’s are released. Admin moved this to a comment