Adding a recovery to an Enterprise Availability Monitor

I have a Web application that is currently experiencing issues, I would like to run a recovery task so that when the application is unavailable it runs a recovery task that I have already written in PowerShell.

I’m not sure which monitor I should add this task to.

Any Ideas?

Well that really depends on what is causing the outage. If it is a service stopped then you need to add it that. If it was and IIS App Pool stopping then you need to add it there. You would need to find the root cause of the outage to know where to add the recovery in.

I would like to add it to the Availability test but I cannot find where to add it?

You would likely need to look at the monitors/rules below it. Basically what your saying is my car wont start how do I fix it? So do you have gas, does it crank, do the lights on the dash light up. What your looking at with the availability monitor is at a high level and with out knowing what is wrong below it how do you know what to fix. Do you know why it is down and what you need to do to fix it?

Since you mention PowerShell I am assuming you have installed the PowerShell MP from Squared Up