Adding multiple timeago in the same label

I have a tile that shows servers in Maintenance Mode.

In the sub-label, I want to add some information about the maintenance window (dates, comments, etc.).


The way maintenanceMode.startTime is showing isn’t really readable (for example: 1521138318807) so I am using timeago to show something more meaningful: {{timeago(maintenanceMode.startTime)}}


I also want to show the Scheduled End Time. As soon as I add a second timeago, both stop appearing: {{timeago(maintenanceMode.startTime)}}{{timeago(maintenanceMode.scheduledEndTime)}}


Is there a way to use timeago more than once in the same label?


Also, is there an alternative to timeago to convert the date format?



You can change the time issues according to this post:

Try this for the sublabel:

{{timeago(maintenanceMode.startTime)}} <br> {{timeago(maintenanceMode.scheduledEndTime)}}


Thank you. I’ve tried the solution above and didn’t manage to make it work with the Status Icon Tile.

As for Mustache syntax in the sublable, it actually works, we use it all the time.

Updated my answer above. I did not know you could use mustache in the sublabel! Thanks!