Adjusting the height of a Tile

Hey Team, I am in the process of making a NOC based wall of donut status tiles for all our infrastructure systems such as AD, Exchange etc.

One issue I have is when a range of servers show all health alerts from Critical, Warning, healthy etc it throws out the view and looks messy. Is there a way within the JSON to adjust the height of a tile? Ideally what I want is for the height size to show the same as if all 4 alert states are shown

This is how it currently looks,

No don’t think so. You can mess around with the ‘size mode’ set to ‘fill’ and then adjust the legend size to get the tiles to align. But I expect that’ll only be suitable if the number of items in the legend remain the same on each.

Alternatively you can remove the legend on each. But then you would only see the total for each segment when you hover over it, and you’d have to be happy you know what each of the colours represent. Not ideal for a wallboard.

In short, best option would be to log a feature request for this :slight_smile:

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