Agent has not returned performance data for a long time


We get this alert every day from different servers and sometimes it is a network drop but most of the time we could not find the reason. What are the causes that may led to this alert and how to fix it?

Alert description: Agent has not returned performance data to the Operations Manager database for a long time. Check whether the agent is healthy.


Have you any antivirus program that scans the agent directory files on the servers. This can lead to corruption in the data from the agents.


Hope you find a solution to you problem.

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We usually run into this issue as being a cache problem.

Try stopping the SCOM agent service on the server and deleting (or renaming) the “C:\program files\Microsoft Monitoring Agent\Agent\Health Service State” folder.

Then restarting the SCOM agent service.

This should cause all the data to download again including the latest versions of the management packs and config settings.

It fixes a lot of little issues for us.


Hi Cerulean

I have found few that led to the alert,

  1. Server limbo state
  2. Health service folder issue
  3. Performance counters issues
  4. WMI Service issues
  5. Too much data on the Queue
If anyone have found more please post :)
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Yes we have an antivirus program. Thank you. This could be the reason for some servers. But If you could please list down all the reasons that could lead to the problem.

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I second this solution. Flushing the HealthState folder helps resolve issues with corrupted configurations in the folder.

This is the SCOM version of “Turn it off and turn it back on again” and it does actually fix most agent issues.

I wouldn’t do any more troubleshooting until you have all your AV exclusions in place.