Alert Dashboard with multiple classe


is it possible to create a Alert Dashboard and scope to multiple classes? I tried to edit the json file and manually add my Class ID’s but it doesn’t work. Maybe the syntax should be different?Anyone familiar with this?

“scope”: {
“groupId”: “”,
“classId”: “70d5e13f-8889-27e8-e5c6-604d1bc12dd8”, “classId”: “fd99d3f7-2f3e-733d-5b1b-e761b5e39c1a”,
“criteria”: “”

That’s not possible - You can add multiple objects in list scope, but only a single class or group.

A workaround would be to create a group in SCOM that has objects for the two classes and add this to the alert tile, or just have two tiles for the classes.

A real nightmare of a way, would be to use Advanced Scope and criteria that contains a list of all the alert names you want:

Name = “logical Disk space low” OR Name = “SQL DB log file low” etc.

Would be prettier with multiple classes :slight_smile: I worked with the Advanced scope and criteria earlier but it’s a hell of a string to select only the relevant ones. I will create the group in SCOM with the corresponding objects, thanks.

Sounds like a feature request for support :wink: