Alert Emails

One thing I keep getting ask for is for everyone to be able to see who all got the alert email when one comes out. I have tried multiple things but have not found a way to make this happen. Has anyone found a way to do this?

It is something we fought with for quite some time. We found it best to create our own distribution lists just for SCOM alerts. Then we add their DL and a shared mailbox to that DL. Then in our shared mailbox we can pull out the emails for that alert and see who they were sent to. Yes, we have had some fun conversations along the lines of:

Oh, we did get that! - We changed our group DL - we are no longer part of that group, here is our new DL.

Always a fun time.

Not ideal, but an option.

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I’d suggest the same as jswadley. There are post from some SCOM experts how to do that in a dfferent way, but I think it is too complicated. - Take a look:


There is also a feature request to have this in future SCOM versions. - Please vote for it if describes the problem correct:

Not a true end-to-end test, but what you could do is use a command channel that triggers an e-mail. That way you can update the resolutionstate or custom field afterwards with ‘e-mail sent to xxx*’.


I have used command channel solutions when I was running SCOM 2012 R2 and they worked okay the only issue I had was I would regularly hit the limit of threads that could be started. I would get the alert then that there were not enough resources and I had maxed out the number of threads that could be started. To me as an admin this is not as big a deal but end users are saying they would like to see who all got the alert when they look at it on their mobile device so they know if they have to deal with it or if someone else is.

The use of a distribution list is in a way a work around if they just would reply to the list and say I got it so they now who is working on it then that would help them but I am trying to find a solution that will help. I am betting this will take a feature request to MS to fix though.

The other nice thing with using a DL though is I have one team that always ignores the alerts then when there is an issue they try to say they did not get the alert then we have our email team look into it and every time they say yes they got it and here was the time that they got it at. The DL solution lets me add another hidden email box that I have access to receive the alert then when they say I didn’t get it I go in there retrieve it and show management that yes they did.

I was testing a DL still do not see who all is a member of the DL though in the email.